Dorcas Ministries has been meeting the needs of our neighbors in financial crisis for 50 years. Fueled by a team of over 600 volunteers who believe in what we do; we welcome you to join us in making a difference!

We hope volunteering with us will be an enriching life experience. If you have other talents that may add to our organization, please let us know.

We often have roles that may not be “traditional” volunteer opportunities, such as serving on various resource committees or as a community advocate.

Volunteer At Dorcas

We have many volunteer opportunities available in two main areas: the Dorcas Thrift Shop and our Client Services.   Common tasks for the Dorcas Thrift Shop include: cashiering, processing donations, working in various departments, such as books, toys, clothes, housewares, etc.  Volunteers in our Client Services office fill roles that include Crisis Counselor, Receptionist, Client Scheduler, Food Pantry volunteer, as well as Jobs for Life Champion.

Individuals wishing to volunteer should fill out the Online Volunteer Form or pick one up in the Dorcas Thrift Shop.

Once applications have been submitted, the Volunteer Manager will be in touch to schedule a meeting. The meeting will include a tour of the facility and serve as a general assessment of there might be a good fit between the potential volunteer and the needs of Dorcas Ministries.

We will provide training and have new volunteers shadow an experienced volunteer. Volunteer positions will be determined based on a number of factors including what duties the individual wishes to perform and the needs at that particular time.

Individuals 11-13 are welcome to volunteer with a parent or guardian present.  Youth 14 and up can volunteer independently. Please fill out an application for all parties.

For more information, email Ellen Frazier, our Marketing and Volunteer Manager.

If you are needing to complete Community Service for court requirements or lawyer recommendations, read the information under “Court Ordered Community Service” for more information before filling out your application.

Please note: it will take at least 2-3 business days (Monday – Friday) to process your application. While we aim to make our process quick and easy, please understand that you will not be able to start volunteering immediately. Thank you for your patience! 

Current Volunteer Needs

Volunteer needs for Dorcas Thrift Shop include the afternoon shift (specifically the hours of 3 – 6 PM) Monday – Friday and for a shift on Saturdays.  If these times do not work with your schedule, but you are still interested in volunteering with Dorcas Ministries, do not let these time frames hold you back from applying.

Specific needs include:

If you are interested in any of these areas, please fill out the volunteer application.  Contact our Marketing and Volunteer Manager, Ellen Frazier, with questions. She can be reached by phone (919.469.9861, ext. 101) or by email.

Individuals wishing to volunteer should fill out the Online Volunteer Form or pick one up in the Dorcas Thrift Shop.

Group Volunteering

If you are a part of a group (church, business, school, or other) that is interested in volunteering with us at Dorcas, we are happy to talk with you!

Group times are available Monday – Saturday during store hours. We request that groups be no larger than 10-12 individuals during the week and 12-15 on Saturdays. Shifts are no more than 3 hours.

Our age policy is 11-13 must be present with a parent/guardian for individual volunteering. With group volunteers, the age range is the same and we do request chaperones be present.

There is limited availability for groups each month, so please be aware of that as you request a date. It is first come, first serve with scheduling.

For more information, email Ellen Frazier, our Marketing and Volunteer Manager.

Court Ordered Community Service

At this time, Dorcas Ministries is only accepting Court Ordered or Lawyer Recommended community service for speeding tickets. If you are looking to do your hours for a charge other than a speeding ticket, we are unable to offer you hours.  

Community service applicants will be expected to provide a copy of the citation and photo ID. If the applicant is under 18, a meeting with a parent or guardian and the applicant is required.  

Dorcas Ministries reserves the right to refuse any community service applicant.  To apply, please fill out the volunteer application form above and indicate your need for Court Ordered/Lawyer Recommended hours, as well as your charge.