Dorcas Ministries Staff

Senior Staff

André Anthony
Chief Executive Officer

Alger Faber
Chief Finance & People Officer

Mark Helwig
Senior Director of Operations

Jill Straight
Senior Director of Client Services & Advocacy

Shelley Hobbs
Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Carey Phelps
Director of Philanthropy

Leadership Team

Erica S. Brower
Administrative Manager

Katie Braam
Crisis Center Manager

Kathy Goldston
Food Pantry Manager

Amanda Renfroe
Training Center Manager

Donna Pierce-Had
Finance and Database Manager

Michael Sondel
People Resources Manager

Stephanie Davis-Potts
Retail Operations Manager

Hailey Goodall
Retail Operations Manager

Megan Dezendorf
Retail Operations Manager

S. Lodin
Retail Operations Manager

Board Of Directors


Board of Directors

Andy Ferrell

Barbara Bostian
Vice Chair & Secretary

Bryan Huffman
Acting Treasurer

Jimi Clemons

Tamara Bowles

Bob Bradley

Daisy Buitrago

Sasha Gomez

Don Hamilton

Carol Himes

Todd McIntyre

Robyn Powell

Bruce Rickert

Scott Schneider

Anne Shambley

Lynette Yawn