Career Coaching

Free one-on-one career coaching for residents of Cary and Morrisville. Get help with resume writing, interviewing, and career advising. Email for more details. For resume and cover letter templates, as well as job search websites, click HERE.

Training Events

Free classes are offered in-person and virtually via Zoom. All are welcome! Click HERE to see what’s coming up.

Client Story

“Peter” had been evicted from his Cary apartment and had been living in his broken-down car in a shopping center in Cary for several weeks when he learned about Dorcas Ministries. He walked three hours to get to our office. He shared his story and the counselor and training center volunteers identified a list of needs: food, a job, a bike, and bus passes. He began to come in on a daily basis to use the training center to search for jobs. He attended several job readiness classes offered in the Dorcas Training Center. We gave him bus passes so that he wouldn’t have to walk for hours to get to us. Then Al, a Dorcas Thrift shop staffer, found a bike for him, put air in the tires, and adjusted the seat and handlebars. Peter was thrilled and very appreciative. A week passed, and we didn’t see Peter. Then he stopped by to share his good news. He had started a job at Food Lion and was on his way to getting back on his feet. He thanked us, saying, “I couldn’t have done it without Dorcas.”