Dorcas Ministries helps those struggling with underemployment to access training that will increase their financial stability. We have two tracks:

The Keller Program provides modest financial help with expenses associated with retraining such as books, supplies, test fees, and travel expenses.

The Career Advancement Program provides case management and career coaching. Program participants will receive financial assistance with costs associated with retraining and qualified living expenses not covered by other sources of income. The financial support assists individuals in obtaining their goals in achieving self-sufficiency.

Please note: These programs are NOT intended for recent high school graduates pursuing undergraduate degrees.  You must be underemployed and currently working and desire to gain further training that will lead to a job in an approved growth industry. Applicants should be willing to apply for other grants and financial aid.


How To Apply

Please submit the items below. Staff will review your application and contact you for an appointment. It may take two weeks to process your request.

If you have questions you may email or call 919-469-9861 ext 206.

Client Story

“Tony” has been a student at Wake Technical Community College for three semesters. With a 4.0 average and a nearly complete associate’s degree, he plans to finish up at Wake Tech this spring and then transfer to North Carolina State University. Tony has been making ends meet through a part-time job and financial aid, but at times, he struggles to pay for gas to get back and forth between work, school, and home. A friend at his church knew his situation, told him about our Margaret Keller Scholarship and suggested he check into it for help with gas. The counselor who interviewed him described him as a “breath of fresh air… a guy who is willing to work hard and has a plan to get himself on his feet”. Tony is the kind of guy we want to encourage in his endeavors, and we were pleased to award him $100 a month in gas cards for his last semester at Wake Tech and encouraged him to reapply after he transfers to NC State in the fall. Tony’s award is a good example of help that makes a difference.