Dorcas Ministries provides temporary financial assistance with the cost of 4 year old preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, daycare, before/after care, and camp for children who are residents of Cary or Morrisville. 


Additional Requirements

Daycare Assistance

  • Both parents must be employed
  • The daycare facility must be licensed by the state of North Carolina
  • Daycare assistance is short term

Preschool Assistance

  • Must be 5-year-old transitional program or a 4-year-old program

Before and After School

  • Parent is at work, leaving the child unsupervised at home

How To Apply

Please first submit the information below. You can mail it, drop it off at our office, or scan and email it to After staff have reviewed the application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. It may take two weeks to process your request.

  • Completed Childcare Application
  • Photo ID
  • Birth Certificate for child
  • Proof of residence in Cary or Morrisville
  • Proof of income for ALL ADULTS in the household
  • A statement from the childcare provider with cost and confirmation of availability
  • Rental lease or mortgage statement
  • For Preschool: Only available for 4-year-old and Transitional Kindergarten programs.
  • For daycare, before/after school care and camp: Proof that all adults in the household are working and unable to care for the child.
  • For daycare and before/after school care: Confirmation that the child does not receive a state voucher.
  • For daycare and before/after school care: Confirmation that the provider is state-licensed.

Client Story

“Chantel” had a new job, a new baby, and a dilemma. She had found a daycare to take care of her 4 month old little girl, but her first paycheck was still a month away. Chantel did not have the money to pay for the first month of daycare. She was considering turning down the new job that she desperately needed because she just couldn’t come up with the funds. Then a friend suggested she call Dorcas Ministries for help. Chantel applied for childcare assistance and was approved! Her first month of daycare was covered, and she was able start her new job. “Thank you so much for all your help!” Chantel wrote in a thank-you note. Now Chantel is working, her little girl is in a state-certified daycare, and the family is stable and self-sufficient.