January 2021 Daily Sales

January 2021 Daily Sales

for the Dorcas Thrift Shop

  • Friday, January 1st: CLOSED
  • Saturday, January 2nd: Ties, Belts, Bags and Wallets are all 50% OFF!

Week of January 4th – January 9th

  • Monday, January 4th: 50% OFF All BOOKS & Adult Sweaters, Dresses and Skirts
  • Tuesday, January 5th: 50% OFF Framed Artwork, Picture Frames and Mirrors (does include vintage framed artwork)
  • Wednesday, January 6th: All Adult Suits and $5 Sport Coats/Jackets are 50% OFF
  • Thursday, January 7th: 50% OFF Adult Pants and Jeans!
  • Friday, January 8th: 50% OFF Bags, Wallets, Luggage and Scarves
  • Saturday, January 9th: 50% OFF all Children’s Clothing and ALL Hats

Week of January 11th – January 16th

  • Monday, January 11th: 50% OFF Adult Tops and Sweaters
  • Tuesday, January 12th: 50% OFF Entire Purchase for our Senior Shoppers (65 and up)
  • Wednesday, January 13th: 50% OFF Crafts; Skirts, $5 Sport Coats/Jackets only (does not include winter coats)
  • Thursday, January 14th: 50% OFF Adult Pants & Jeans
  • Friday, January 15th: 50% OFF Adult Dresses (including formal dresses) and Adult Suits
  • Saturday, January 16th: 50% OFF Bags, Purses, Wallets, and Luggage (includes vintage bags and luggage) + 50% OFF Hats

Week of January 18th – January 23rd

ALL WEEK: Shoes on sale: Adult Dress Shoes are $2, Sneakers are $4, and Boots are $5

  • Monday, January 18th: Pillows, Adult Skirts and Suits are 50% OFF
  • Tuesday, January 19th: 50% OFF $5 Jackets/Blazers and All Hats
  • Wednesday, January 20th: 50% OFF Children’s Clothes and 50% OFF  All Belts and Ties
  • Thursday, January 21st: 50% off Adult Dresses ( Includes Formal Dresses) and Scarves
  • Friday, January 22nd: 50% OFF Purses, Luggage, Wallets, and Tote Bags (includes vintage bags)
  • Saturday, January 23rd: 50% OFF Adult Tops and Sweaters

Week of January 25th – January 30th: 

  • Monday, January 25th: Pillows AND Children’s Clothes are 50% OFF
  • Tuesday, January 26th: 50% OFF Scarves, Adult Dresses (including formal), and Adult Suits
  • Wednesday, January 27th: Bags, Luggage, and Wallets (includes vintage bags and wallets) are 50% OFF
  • Thursday, January 28th: Adult Tops and Sweaters are 50% OFF
  • Friday, January 29th: 50% OFF Framed Artwork, Picture Frames and Mirrors
  • Saturday, January 30th: 50% OFF Adult Pants (does not include jeans) and 50% OFF Scarves, Belts and Ties