February 2021 Daily Sales

February 2021 Daily Sales

for the Dorcas Thrift Shop


Week of February 1st – 6th: 

  • Monday, February 1st: 50% OFF School Supplies, Binders, Staplers Etc. (Excludes Craft and Furniture Tag Items)
  • Tuesday, February 2nd: 50% OFF Pillows, Scarves, Hats, Belts, and Ties
  • Wednesday, February 3rd: Children’s Clothing is 50% OFF
  • Friday, February 5th: 50% OFF All Adult Clothing!
  • Saturday, February 6th: 50% OFF Bags and Wallets (includes vintage bags!)

Week of February 8th – 13th:

  • Monday, February 8th: 50% OFF Pillows, Belts, Ties & Hats
  • Tuesday, February 9th: 50% OFF Adult Tops + Binders are 25 cents
  • Wednesday, February 10th: Adult Sweaters and Scarves are 50% OFF
  • Thursday, February 11th: Adult Pants, Jeans, and Capris are 50% OFF
  • Friday, February 12th: Bags, Wallets, Luggage, and Totes (including vintage bags) are 50% OFF
  • Saturday, February 13th: Jewelry, Adult Suits and Dresses are 50% OFF

Week of February 15th – 20th:

  • Monday, February 15th: 50% OFF Adult Tops/Sweaters
  • Tuesday, February 16th: 50% OFF Adult Skirts and $5 Jackets (does not include winter coats)
  • Wednesday, February 17th: 50% OFF Adult Pants, Jeans, and Capris
  • Thursday, February 18th: 50% OFF Bags, Luggage, and Wallets
  • Friday, February 19th: 50% OFF Adult Dresses & Adult Suits
  • Saturday, February 20th: All Kids Clothes are 50% OFF

Week of February 22nd – February 27th: 

  • Monday, February 22nd: Hats, Ties, Belts, $5 Jackets (not winter coats) and Men’s Collared Shirts are 50% OFF
  • Tuesday, February 23rd: Adult Pants, Jeans, and Capris are 50% OFF
  • Wednesday, February 24th: Pajama Party Sale: 50% OFF Pajamas, Pillows, Bedroom Slippers, and Stuffed Animals
  • Thursday, February 25th: 50% OFF Adult Dresses & Suits
  • Friday, February 26th: 50% OFF Bags, Luggage, and Wallets – including vintage bags and wallets!
  • Saturday, February 27th: Adult Sweaters & Skirts are 50% OFF!