FAQ for Dorcas Shop Donations

Our donations area is in the back of the building with an easy one-way direction traffic flow.

Our hours are:

Monday – Saturday: 11 AM – 5 PM
Closed on Sundays

Donors to the Dorcas Thrift Shop are a crucial part of our operation. Your partnership with us is important to our success.  We see hundreds of donors a day at our donation drop off area.   What a gift you all are for our organization and our community!

As part of this, we wanted to take a moment to answer frequently asked questions about donations.

  • Do you want clothes in a bag or on a hanger?”   Great question! For us, it is more helpful if clothes come to us in either a bag or a box and not on a hanger.  With our set up in the back, this makes it faster for us to process and sort through clothing donations. Clothing is our biggest donated item and also the most time consuming for us to sort! If shoes and accessories could also be bagged separately from the clothes, it would make a big difference!
  • “I tossed some towels in with the clothes. Hope that works!”  Our volunteers work hard to separate out items and get them to the right department.   Our linens and towels are sorted and priced in their own department.  As you donate these items, please consider putting these items in a separate bag from clothing.
  • Is it okay if everything is mixed together?”   Our back of house is organized by different departments, similar to the store floor.  It does make it easier for us if donations are separated out.  For example, books are not in the same box as clothes or holiday items are not in the same box as toys.  We know it is not always possible to separate out your items before donating, and we certainly aren’t asking you to do our jobs for us, but if items could be group together with like items, it would be helpful!
  • I’m bringing donations over, but will want the container back. Is that okay?”  Please try to be prepared to donate how you want items donated.  For example, if you are donating a box of books, please also plan to donate the box the books are in.  If you can be prepared as can be, it helps us with work flow for our staff and volunteers.

We also encourage you to look over our “Items We Don’t Accept” list.  We are unable to accept those items for a variety of reasons.

We are so lucky to have partners like you in helping us raise funds through the Dorcas Thrift Shop to help our neighbors in need through our Client Services.  Thank you for donating your beloved items to us and trusting us to be good stewards of them.  We certainly do our best and value your partnership in our work.