Donation Drop Off

Thank you for being a generous donor of items to the Dorcas Thrift Shop.  To keep our volunteers, staff, donors, and customers healthy and safe, we are implementing some new procedures to our donation drop off area.  Please read through this information carefully before making a donation. 

We need your help in following these guidelines to make the process easy and safe for everyone. The biggest thing we need from our donors happens BEFORE you arrive at Dorcas to donate your items. 

Before Coming to Dorcas to Drop off:

  • Pack items for donation by category.  Ex:
    • Pack clothes independently.  Do not mix in other items, especially sharp objects.
    • Box up books separately
    • Box Housewares separately
  • When loading your vehicle, put all items to be donated in the trunk or backseat, AWAY from any personal items you don’t want donated.  Clearly mark which items, boxes, bags are for donation.  This will help ensure personal items don’t get taken by mistake and allows for contact-less drop off
  • Donors often have multiple items in the back of their car, some which they do not intend to donate. The donor is responsible for directing Dorcas staff on which items are for donation and which are personal.  Donor should have all items clearly labeled for donation.  Dorcas is not responsible for items mistakenly donated and can not insure items can be found or returned.  Dorcas will not compensate for mistakenly donated items. 

When you get to Dorcas:

  • Please follow instructions on signage and as directed by staff.
  • New signage and pavement markings will direct donors as they get close to the drop off area at Dorcas Plaza.
  • New procedures are ready to be employed as needed to adjust to larger drop off traffic.  This could include:
    • an “express” drop off area for small, appropriately sorted and packaged donations.
    • an Ambassador Greeter toward the front of the queue line to provide guidance and answer questions from donors.
  • Please watch for pedestrians especially around the drop off area in the back.  We have elderly volunteers who park in the back and use the crosswalk to gain access to the building to process all incoming donations.  We want them to be safe.
  • We want to provide as close to a contact-less drop off experience as possible.
  • Our goal is to get donors through as quickly and safely as possible.
  • We are expecting periods of very high drop off traffic, so please be patient and cooperative so we can all remain safe.

 After donation dropped off:

  • We have clear pavement markings directing donors to “Exit” the plaza, or stop at ReStore Drop Off (please check their hours) or proceed to Dorcas pick up if you have furniture to pick up.  We hope this helps guide you once you leave the Dorcas drop off area.
  • Take your time leaving and be on the lookout for pedestrians and other vehicles as we have traffic merging in several locations.
  • Know that Dorcas is so appreciative of your support and entrusting us with your lightly loved items

Sharing an insight you may not have realized:

  • Please only drop off items for donation during hours of operation (announcement coming soon!).
  • Daily, well-intended donors leave items on the ground along the side of the building or in the back. Unfortunately, we are not able to use those items because of exposure to the elements, wildlife, or dumpster divers and we have to throw those items away, at a financial cost for us.