Client Story: Sarah


Sarah had been working as an assistant manager at a local retail store in Cary.  Her savings was okay and she knew if there was an emergency, she would be able to pay bills for 6 weeks. Work was going well and she felt confident she was on the short list for promotion. She was feeling happy in life and was excited about welcoming a baby in the spring.

Then the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. Like it did for everyone, the pandemic sent Sarah a curve ball and forced her to change her plans.

In March, Sarah welcomed a sweet baby boy.  Her maternity leave time off was still honored by the store she was working for.  Her store was considered “essential” and did not close during Phase 1. She knew the store was short on employees and had a desire to go back in to help.  But her fear, and her doctors agreed, was that the baby could be exposed to COVID either in daycare or through Sarah bringing it home.   Her doctor advised her to not go back to work.  Sarah put the best interest of her baby first and took extra time off.

At first, Sarah was able to make ends meet with her savings.  But her bank account was running low and she knew she would have to return to work before long.  In preparation to return to work, Sarah asked her mom to move in with them, rather than trying to find a daycare for the infant.  Her mom graciously agreed and was thrilled to be able to help through her time but was unable to help Sarah financially.  Sarah knew her rent was due before she would get another paycheck and she didn’t have enough savings to cover the cost when a close friend suggested she call Dorcas Ministries.

Sarah called Dorcas and was told to fill out the online application. She filled it out and submitted all the other required documents before being contacted by a Case Manager.

The Case Manager talked her through the process over the phone and offered assistance to cover the full cost of rent and food from the Dorcas Food Pantry. Sarah was relieved to have the help with her rent and was impressed that the Food Pantry, in addition to food, was able to provide much needed diapers for the baby.

“Thank you so much! I cried! This made my day and took a lot of stress off of my shoulders. I truly appreciate it!!”

Sometimes a little assistance goes a long way in helping clients like Sarah:

$75 keeps the water on
$250 helps cover a family’s electricity costs
$500 helps feed a family for a month
$1000 helps pay one month’s rent