Client Story: Miss. Clarisse


Miss Clarisse had been happily married to Mister Ron for over 5 decades. They had a very traditional marriage—Ron worked, and Miss Clarisse raised their 5 children and took on small jobs to supplement the family income over the years.

It hadn’t always been easy, struggling along on Ron’s wages as a small engine mechanic, but they had built a happy life together.

In 2017, their adult daughter had fallen ill, and they’d been able to step in and help with their 3 teenage grandkids. Money was tight on Ron’s social security income, but they were careful with spending and had made it all work out.

Then, on August 14th, 2019, Ron passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Clarisse had never handled the family finances and had no idea that she had to apply for survivor benefits, until Ron’s social security check wasn’t deposited in October.

She quickly realized that she would have no income until she got it sorted out.

And the bills were piling up… and she had no idea how to work it out, until a friend suggested Dorcas.

Miss Clarisse came in to see us, deeply embarrassed, but desperate to keep their lights on until she could get the social security sorted out. Nancy, a volunteer counselor, reassured Miss Clarisse that Dorcas would be there for her until it was all sorted out. Dorcas covered her bills, gave her a trunkful of groceries to feed her and the grandkids, and even called to check in on her a week later. Miss Clarisse cried with relief.

On October 20th, Dorcas Ministries received a check in the mail from Miss Clarisse, tucked inside a long heartfelt thank you note. Miss Clarisse had gotten the social security sorted out. She had income again, and she wanted to pay us back, with interest. The check was for more than Dorcas had given her, and her appreciation was even greater.

“I thank Dorcas from the bottom of my heart and am so happy I can repay you for what you all did for me.”


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