Client Story: Jan

If you ask Jan, she will tell you her favorite role in life has been “Grandma.”   She loves spoiling her grandkids (and sending them home 🙂 ), seeing her kids become parents, and watching her family grow over the years.   When her first grandbaby was born, Jan quickly made the decision to move to Cary in order to help her kids when she could and to be closer to her family.

When the pandemic first “hit” North Carolina and schools closed in March, Jan, a retired teacher, did not think twice about making her home the school house for her grandkids, aged 6, 9, and 11.  The parents are working multiple minimum wage jobs in an effort to replace income lost from restaurant and housekeeping work.   She has really loved the extra time with her grandkids and has been honored to help her kids in this way.

As the pandemic has continued, Jan has started to really see an impact on her expenses as she’s continued to help with virtual school, activities, and childcare.  Her water, power, and food expenses have increased significantly; in addition to helping offset some education expenses for her grandkids.

She mentioned her situation to a friend, who recommended she call Dorcas Ministries. Jan was familiar with Dorcas as a shopper, but did not know the full scope of services provided. Jan went to the Dorcas website and filled out the online application for financial assistance. She then submitted all the other required documents before being contacted by a Case Manager.

The Case Manager talked her through our process and offered assistance to cover the full cost of utilities and offered food from the Dorcas Food Pantry.  Jan was relieved to have help and not add stress to her children.

“Thank you so much!  I’m so grateful to be able to not worry. I can focus on providing a safe place for my grandkids and not adding to my kids’ stress during such an uncertain time.”

Sometimes a little assistance goes a long way in helping clients like Jan:

$75 keeps the water on
$250 helps cover a family’s electricity costs
$500 helps feed a family for a month