Client Story: Cynthia


“Where did you all sleep last night?” the Emergency Housing case manager asked.

Cynthia paused before she answered. “In my car.”

Tears rolled down her face.

“We were sleeping in my mom’s living room. But she was evicted last week herself and went to stay with my brother in South Carolina. I had a little money for a motel room for a few nights but now I’m broke.”

More tears rolled down.

“I told the girls that we were having an adventure but I don’t know what to do.”

Cynthia’s story is more common than we know. A parent loses their job and the family loses their housing. They sleep on floors and sofas at friends and family members houses. They get up early to get kids to school and spend the day looking for work and finding a place to sleep for the night. They move from motel room to motel room when they have a few dollars. The parents are exhausted and the children struggle to pay attention in school.

At Dorcas, these families meet with an Emergency Housing Case Manager who hears their story, helps with immediate needs, and makes direct connections for housing solutions.

The case manager explained all of the possible emergency shelter options to Cynthia and helped her decide the best way forward for her and her children.

Cynthia left with food and a gas card to help with immediate needs. More importantly, her tears were gone and she had hope and a plan.

About Emergency Housing Program: 

The Emergency Housing Program helps families and individuals overcome a temporary gap in housing. Households commit to intensive case management and may be assisted with a hotel voucher, eviction prevention, and/or security deposits.

Sometimes a little assistance goes a long way in helping clients like Cynthia:

$25 provides a GoTriangle bus pass or gas card so clients can look for work
$50 pays for drop-in childcare so the parent can go on interviews
$350 pays for a week in a hotel while the parent looks for affordable housing

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