Client Story: Ashley

As a nurse, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a different experience for Ashley.   She is working every day and longer hours. The pace is different, everyone – doctors, nurses, and patients – is more anxious.

And Ashley is feeling a lot of that same anxiety.  She worries every day that she is bringing COVID-19 home to her kids or that she will become sick and not be able to work or provide for her family.

Ashley is a single mom of 2 kids – a kindergartener and a 3rd grader. Like many families, her kids are now home from school and Ashley is required to be their teacher.   A childcare solution was not hard to find – her neighbor agreed to watch them and help with their schoolwork for $200 a week.  She considers herself lucky that her childcare for 2 children is not costing her more than $800 a month during these strange times.  But, at the same time, she’s aware her budget is taking a hit and money is tighter.

While the world was changing daily, Ashely felt like her family unit had a decent routine down and that they would be okay.  They would survive.

Until her car broke down.

Ashley had her car looked at and the estimate the repairs cost as much as the car is worth.  Her savings are not great and her budget is already stretched thin.  After hearing her dilemma, a friend offered to drive Ashley to work every day for $40 a week. That is a good short-term solution for Ashley but is not going to be sustainable.

Everything kept adding up and Ashley was beginning to worry about how she was going to pay other bills, like her rent for April. That’s when she called Dorcas Ministries to ask for help.

Ashley went online and filled out the online application for financial assistance.  She submitted the other required documents before being contacted by a Case Manager.

The Case Manager talked her through the process and offered her assistance to cover the full cost of her rent and an electronic gift card to her local grocery store.  The gift card will allow Ashley to shop for the food her family needs when it’s a good time with her work schedule.

“In the midst of this ongoing storm, Dorcas Ministries is a beacon of hope to my family and many others.  I can never say thank you enough.”

Sometimes a little assistance goes a long way in helping clients like Ashley:

$75 keeps the water on
$250 helps cover a family’s electricity costs
$500 helps feed a family for a month
$1000 helps pay one month’s rent