CAP Client Story


Full-time student and single mom Laura came to Dorcas needing rent assistance and food.  She ended up leaving with so much more.

Laura had been working two jobs, as many hours as she could to make ends meet and complete her degree while taking care of her son and providing a good life for him.  In addition to already feeling crunched with time and money, she recently had unexpected expenses due to a major car repair and large medical bills after a trip to the ER.

The one thing that felt like it was going right was Laura’s grandmother was helping her offset the cost of childcare by helping with her son, but that was not a long term solution.

With one semester of school left, she was determined to finish so she could begin working full-time.

Laura met with a compassionate volunteer counselor, who was able to offer rent and food assistance, therefore offering welcome stability to her situation. Throughout their conversation, Laura kept emphasizing her desire to get back on track with school and how if she could just finish her degree, things could “go back to normal.”  The counselor mentioned our Career Advancement Program to her and recommended she talk with our case manager.

Our case manager was able to dig deep with Laura and talk with her about helping accomplish her most important goal: her education. She did not know how she could complete her degree, as she had no other financial options available, no loans or other resources.

During the process, Dorcas was able to help her through regular coaching, by paying for her final tuition payment, the licensing fees, and food which kept her on track to complete her last semester, graduate and obtain her state AND national licensing as a Speech Language Pathologist.  Laura met regularly with our case manager and worked on managing stress, prioritizing and staying focused on the most important things and continuously encouraging her.

When Laura first met with the case manager, she was withdrawn and not very communicative, but by the time she graduated she was just the opposite: vibrant, frequently smiling and full of hope for a bright future – she had overcome many major challenges.

Laura and our case manager continued working together after her graduation on updating her resume, preparing for interviews.  She is thrilled to say she just accepted an offer, with a salary in the 60k range.

 “I’m so happy! I seriously couldn’t have done it without Dorcas and my case manager! I can’t say thank you enough!”

Sometimes a little assistance goes a long way:
$50 help with the cost of gas for a student to commute to class
$100 helps with the cost of books
$150 pays for one class at a local community college

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