August 2020 DAILY SALES

August 2020 Daily Sales

for the Dorcas Thrift Shop

August 24th – August 31st: 

  • Monday, August 24th: All Adult Pants, Jeans, Capris and Shorts are 50% OFF!
  • Tuesday, August 25th: All Adult Shirts & Tops are 50% OFF!
  • Wednesday, August 26th: All Accessories (scarves, hats, socks, belts, ties etc.) +  All Luggage, Purses and Bags are 50% OFF (Vintage Hats, Purses included)
  • Thursday, August 27th: All Dresses & Skirts are 50% OFF
  • Friday, August 28th: Picture Frames and Mirrors ( Not Artwork) 50% Off
  • September August 29th:  All Kid’s Clothing is 50% off
  • Monday, August 31st: All Adult Shorts, Capris, and Skirts 50% OFF


Week of August 17th – August 22nd: 

  • Monday, August 17th: All Metal and Silver Serving Trays AND Dishes + All Flat Dinner Plates are 50% OFF!
  • Tuesday, August 18th: ALL Adult Long Pants, Skirts and Jeans are 50% OFF
  • Wednesday, August 19th: ALL Adult Shirts + ALL Jackets/Blazers/Sports Coats are 50% OFF. PLUS Porcelain Dolls* are 50% OFF! *does not include vintage dolls
  • Thursday, August 20th: ALL Accessories (hats*, scarves, socks, belts, etc) AND ALL Luggage and Bags* are 50% OFF! *includes vintage hats and bags
  • Friday, August 21st: All KIDS clothing is 50% off!
  • Saturday, August 22nd: All Artwork, Frames and Mirrors 50% Off

Week of August 10th – August 15th: 

  • Monday, August 10th: ALL Ladies clothing is 50% OFF!
  • Tuesday, August 11th: ALL Men’s Collared Shirts are 50% OFF!
  • Wednesday, August 12th: ALL accessories & bags* are 50% OFF! PLUS: $1 off games marked with a yellow dot! *includes vintage bags
  • Thursday, August 13th: Artwork, Frames and Mirror are 50% off! Includes vintage framed art!
  • Friday, August 14th: BACK TO SCHOOL SALE at the Dorcas Thrift Shop:⁠ Shoppers will be given a bag when entering the store:⁠ ⁠1. Fill it with as much ADULT CLOTHING ONLY* as you can!⁠
    2. Pay $10 for the bag at checkout!**⁠ ⁠
    PLUS: ALL Kids clothing will be 25 cents a piece!⁠ (Kids clothes should not be put in the bags with adult clothes)⁠
    ⁠*Does not include vintage clothing*⁠
    **Cashiers will screen bags at check out to make sure only adult clothing is inside*⁠
    ***Please be mindful of your shopping time (1 hour max) so that everyone can enjoy the sale!***
  • Saturday, August 15th: Office Supplies (such as binders, folders, staplers, etc) are 50% OFF! PLUS: ALL Cups/Glasses* are only 10 cents! *does not include vintage glassware

Week of August 3rd – August 8th: 

  • Monday, August 3rd: ALL Adult Pants & Jeans are 50% OFF!
  • Tuesday, August 4th: Artwork, Mirrors and Frames are 50% OFF!
  • Wednesday, August 5th: All Adult Skirts, Suits, and Dresses are 50% OFF! *INCLUDES Formal Wear* **Does NOT include Vintage Clothing**
  • Thursday, August 6th: All Bags – Purses, Luggage, & Wallets – are 50% off
  • Friday, August 7th: All Adult Shirts, Sweaters and Jackets/Coats* are 50% off! *includes leather jackets*
  • Saturday, August 8th: ALL Kid’s Clothes are 50% OFF!