The Dorcas Food Pantry invites you or your group to help keep our pantry shelves stocked by adopting a shelf for a specific pantry item!

The Adopt-A-Shelf program is meant to be simple for everyone. A group or individual collects their item on an ongoing basis and then drops off their donations at the designated donation area for the pantry.

The “adopter” lets us know what quantity they’d like to donate on an ongoing, monthly basis. If the shelf requires more than one group or individual to keep it stocked, we simply assign a co-adopter.

It’s also possible to make a monthly cash donation to enable us to purchase frozen items, such as meat, milk, or eggs.

Current shelves open for adoption include: frozen fruit, frozen vegetables, sugar, cooking oil, feminine hygiene products, pet food, cleaning products and others.

If you or your group are interested in joining our Adopt-A-Shelf program, please contact our Food Pantry Manager, Kathy Goldston, at