Our Mission

Dorcas Ministries provides compassionate assistance to area residents in need through emergency financial assistance, training, scholarships, food assistance and an affordable thrift shop.  Our goal is to help people become stable and self-sufficient.

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History of Dorcas Ministries

In 1968, a group of people led by Cary resident, Margaret Keller began the mission of Christian Community In Action, or CCA, based on Matthew 25:31-45.

The mission was, and is, to show the love of Jesus Christ by serving people in need in our local community.

The first projects were an Enrichment Kindergarten for lower-income children and an adult literacy program. In 1972, a further need came to the attention of the organization; lower-income people needed a place where they could shop with dignity for clothing and household items. Thus the Dorcas Thrift Shop was organized.

In Joppa, there was a disciple named Tabitha (which translated, is Dorcas), who was always doing good and helping the poor.– Acts 9:36

The Dorcas Thrift Shop was named for the seamstress Dorcas, or Tabitha, whose story can be found in Acts 9:36-43. She was known for her generosity to the disadvantaged in her community. Today, Dorcas serves as the inspiration for our ongoing efforts to provide for those in our community who are facing immediate crises.

As CCA has grown, the Dorcas Thrift Shop has increased its sales until it has become the major fundraising arm of the work of our Outreach Programs, including our Crisis Ministry. Over the years, our Outreach Programs have expanded to include the food pantry, adult education assistance, continued childcare scholarships, Jobs for Life program classes, and the sharing of excess donations with other agencies with a similar mission. CCA also contributed to the creation of The Carying Place, which is an organization that works to assist homeless individuals with housing and developing the necessary skills for self-reliance.

In 2008, we realized that most community members came to know CCA simply as Dorcas. It was decided to go by Dorcas Ministries as the overall business name for our organization. We are proud to use the meaningful name of Dorcas Ministries to identify all aspects of our organization, as we believe it symbolizes the compassion and caring Christian beliefs Dorcas Ministries is committed to follow.

In the early years of Christian Community in Action, we rented office and retail space, primarily in the Chatham Street and Academy Road area of Cary. As our scope of services grew, so did our need for more space. In 1997, the facility on NE Maynard Road became our primary location. In 2005, the need to move into a large space became evident once again. In October of 2011, Dorcas Ministries moved to our newest, and current, location on High House Road. This move has allowed us to expand our store, food pantry, and outreach programs. It also allows us to process a higher volume of donations than before. The long-term vision of Dorcas Ministries is for the entire shopping center to be a non-profit center in Cary to serve the needs of western Wake County. Today Cary Plaza Shopping Center is fully leased and 78% of our space is leased to non-profits.

As of 2013, CCA has developed and approved a business plan to guide its future for the next five years. The plan provides strategic direction for its future and a foundation for short-term goals and objectives. The plan is update annually.


Dorcas Ministries is proud to be able to serve the community through its various outreach ministries. With the membership in various organizations, Dorcas is able to receive the support it needs to continue its mission of helping those in need.

Annual Report

The 2017 Annual Report for Dorcas Ministries can be viewed here: 2017 Annual Report

Christian Community in Action is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization.