2021 Back to School Sale


FRIDAY, AUGUST 20th 2021

Fill a bag with ADULT CLOTHING for only $10! 

  •  Bags may be packed full, but must remain intact and left untied until check out
  • Sale only applies to clothing on the sales floor
  • One bag is given upon entrance to each adult
  • Unused bags should be left with cashiers
  • Shoppers may get an additional bag by checking out, placing purchased items in the car, and getting back in line along the front walkway.
  • Shoppers are asked to limit total time in the store to 1 hour to allow other shoppers access during this time of limited occupancy.
  • Please be courteous to all shoppers and staff. Any unruly or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and shoppers may be asked to leave the store without making any purchases.
  • Upon check out each bag will be emptied by a cashier to verify that only Adult Clothing is in the bag.

PLUS: All Kid’s Clothing will be $.25!